As one of the oldest and long lasting ball events in Vienna the TU-Ball´s origins can be traced back to the so called „Techniker-Kränzchen“, an event held regularly since the founding of the Polytechnic Institute (today the TU-Wien) in 1815.

The brothers Johann and Joseph Strauß took classes at the Polytechnic Institute before becoming two of the world´s most well known musicians. They both dedicated many of their waltzes and polkas to the „Herren Studenten der Technik“.

A good cause …

… is what your unforgettable evening has been and always will be devoted to. All money raised goes directly towards a special funding, giving financial support to students with children.


The TU-Ball always takes place on the last Thursday in January and for the past more than 30 years in Vienna´s beautiful Hofburg. Well known and loved for its youthful flair, the music programme reaches from classical waltz and big band sound to New Orleans Jazz and Latin American rhythms. Unique among all of the Viennese balls is the Austrian folk music in the „Geheime Ratstube“ as well as the traditional „Ballspende“ given to the attending guests, specially designed for that occasion.

Put together with a great deal of hard work and devotion, the opening ceremony is an event not to be missed. Accompanied by the sound of the University´s very own orchestra, traditional ball opening ceremony features are combined with unique ideas and elaborate choreographies, conducted and put into practice by
Mrs. Ingeborg Knopf-Bousa.